Kirk Hallam Homes

New Versus Old

Why Buy a New Home?

When you read the following list you will see there are compelling reasons why to opt for a new home rather than an older property.

Quality - new developments are built to high safety standards with quality materials to meet increasingly strict regulations. This brings many benefits to owners of new homes.

Safety – developers use fire resistant materials and fit circuit breakers, and fire and smoke alarms as standard.

Security – the modern locks and alarms fitted in new homes also means lower house and contents insurance premiums.

Peace of mind – the comprehensive ten-year warranty on most new houses gives you peace of mind about the quality of your home.

Space efficient – new homes are designed to meet the needs of modern day living, so use space efficiently and effectively.

Life-long living – new homes are designed to meet the needs of the elderly and disabled, which means you can stay in your home whatever your future needs.

A 'Kirk Hallam Home' - is protected by the National House-Building Council’s (NHBC) 10-year Buildmark warranty and insurance. NHBC’s primary role is as a standard-setter and regulator to the home-construction industry. It registers house-builders, inspects homes and promotes best practice, and continually strives to raise standards. Buildmark provides comprehensive protection for new home owners, and insurance if problems arise. (See NHBC page for further details)

Eco friendly - new homes are designed to minimise waste and to work in balance with the environment. This means lower running costs compared to traditional homes, and a more eco-friendly way of living.

Energy efficiency – the heating and insulation installed in new homes makes them, on average, four times more energy-efficient than older buildings. This means lower running costs and reduced pollution from greenhouse gases.

Water efficiency – water efficient fittings in new homes minimise domestic water consumption.

Flood control – more efficient, and often sustainable, drain and sewer systems reduce the risk of flooding.

Recycling urban land – many new homes are now being built on brownfield or recycled land. The land is carefully cleaned through a process of remediation before building begins. These urban locations are typically close to shops, public transport and other amenities so home owners are less reliant on their cars.

Contemporary designs - high specifications and value for money all come as standard in new homes. They also offer plenty of variety to suit different personal tastes and needs.

Variety – new properties range from loft-style apartments through to spacious family houses.

No fuss – new homes come with fitted kitchens and bathrooms. Buyers are spared the expense and hassle of modernising or redecorating an older property, and can enjoy a brand new home where they can start living straight away.

Choice – buyers can choose their own fittings and fixtures for their new Kirk Hallam home, and have a choice of finishes.

Clean canvas – buyers of new homes don’t have to live with a previous owner’s décor. Instead, they can create their ideal home according to their individual tastes.

Your schedule – when you buy a new home, you can move in as soon as it is finished. There are no selling chains to consider so the whole process is much less stressful. And you may be able to negotiate a part exchange deal on your old home, eliminating the expense and hassle of selling through an estate agent.

New properties give you the opportunity to create your ideal home with the minimum of fuss and expense.